I’ve had a serious peeve a


I’ve had a serious peeve about this for years.

Professional means that you’ve been paid (however much or little) to do something. If you’ve ever been paid to videotape anything, you’re a professional videographer. Plain and simple.

However, that doesn’t mean you’re good at it (no slur implied – just stating a general possibility).

In my youth, when I was a professional photographer, I studied under the tutelage of some amazing “amateur” photographers – One in particular had the distinction of (at the time) having won more blue ribbons (first place) in amateur photo contests than anyone else in the country (US).

Was he a professional? No.

Was he amazingly talented and one of the best? Without a doubt.

Don’t get hung up on labels – Just go and do what you a) enjoy and/or b) are good at.

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