I’ve gotten totally away f


I’ve gotten totally away from the outdoors and hunting scene since abandoning my East Texas roots and annual deer, dove, squirrel, rabbit, etc. hunts (with bow, gun and occasionally camera). The rest of the clan, however, remains immersed in that life – especially my brother-in-law.

Steve, when he’s not hunting, working or taking care of other things, is parked in front of his satellite set and watching a hunting channel that quite frequently repeats its content throughout the week, if not daily – 24/7. I tried to call him to find out the channel ID but he must be “out hunting.” It might be same already referred here.

My point about the repeat programming is that this channel could be very receptive to new, fresh, quality and consistent content.

If not, and I find out, I will share. Just thought you’d be interested to know that this, for the knowledgeable and initiated camera person(s), could be a lucrative production field.

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