I’ve got studio V9 and 10.


I’ve got studio V9 and 10.5. This program does have it’s high points. The smartsound feature is nice. At least you have some royalty free music to start you off, although I found most of it to be useless. The program is very beginner friendly, and if you pet it and tell it you love it pretty often and don’t mind waiting for it to render every change you make, this couild be a good program. I switched to Adobe premier elements 3.0 late last year. I had downloaded the trial version and played with it. Like you I was a little intimidated at first. Now I wish I had this three years ago. The video effects or other changes you make happen instantly. You choose when to render the project. Usually after 1-2 min video is what I do. It is loaded with features, granted some of them are useless also. Adobe offers a great classroom in a book and it comes with a dvd. It offers 12 classes and you build projects using the book for a guide. The book sells for about $35.00 new or cheaper on amazon used. I went with used.
Yes adobe is intimidating at first, but just get in there and experiment. It won’t eat you.
Sorry if I offended any die hard Pinnacle lovers, I used to be one myself. πŸ˜‰

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