I’ve given up on bands. Th


I’ve given up on bands. They’re a lot of headache, and usually too broke to pay you. Or, the alternative is that they tryto get out of paying you by nitpickin you to death.

This one band insisted that I shoot a video for them at their next event, which happened to be at a bar. I explained to him that bars are designed for drinking, not for acoustics, and that the audio from the video will be absolutely useless unless I bring in my own mixer and a sound tech to master it. They didn’t want to pay the extra grand, and they insisted that whatever I could pick up with my camera sound would be just fine. I made them sign an agreement to those terms. Sadly, I didn’t ask for all the cash up front.

Long story short, after the fact, I sent them a demo of the video. The band leader said he liked the video, but (of course) complained that the audio was terrible. Of course, he offered me the chance to “make it up to him” by shooting their next event (which was a two hour drive away) for free. I told him that I provided a service, and he agreed in advance that he would be alright with inferior audio. He complained that he didn’t know it would sound that bad, and said he wouldn’t pay for the terrible work. I offered as a compromise to re-edit the video and sync it if they sent me a studio recording of the song. Since they had agreed to inferior audio, I told them I wanted another $150 for re-editing. They never agreed, and of course never sent me the rest of their payment. That’s my worst band story, but I have a few other less awful ones. The bottom line is that for the same price (or better) I could be doing work that I enjoyed much more, and I would’t have to deal with the big-shot attitudes that most local bands come along with.

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