I’ve edited a bunch of thi


I’ve edited a bunch of this type of projects for rookie producer/ directors. My single largest complaint about theseneebees is their lack of understandingof the psychological effectsof poor quality audio. The listener WILL turn it off if it sounds bad. You’re shooting yourself in the foot if you neglect your sound. If I get to talk to them before they shoot I advice them on the subject. It AMAZINGhowa couple cheap lav mics will improve the sound of an interview. Even the$20 lav mics from Radio Shack are SO much better then the hollow sound of the camera mic. So, please advise your friend to find out what it takes to plug an external mic into their camcorders & use decent quality headphones to monitor EVERYTHING. To kinda quote George Lucus,…. good audio will save bad video. And Iwhole heartedly agree.I have spent hours trying to make crappy dialog sound fairy intelligable. Clock’s tickin’ dude. That kind of post can get expensive AND destroy the creative juices. I assume you want to shoot the interviews only once. Take a few extra minutes & do it right enough that the editor has something to work with. The old saying that “lighting is everything” is short sighted. Even if you shoot in the dark the listener will pay attention if the sound is good. Kind of like listening to a rwell tuned adio at night.

The extra effortwill surely get you compliments because it “sounds so professional”. Have fun.

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