I’ve done several 60-70 mi


I’ve done several 60-70 min DVDs in S8 – and I will capture all in one file (sometimes as big as 10G) but then split the file and render into multiple AVIs – one for each chapter. I’ll usually add transitions first.

The I’ll create a ‘master’ project, w menu(s) and add in the AVIs. S8 seems to ‘like’ it better.

Also – if using still JPEGs in a photo montage – I’ve noticed much better results first rendering to an AVI and including that in final master project (rather that adding picture after picture in the master project). Something about 30-50 stills w transitions makes my system hang – and i’ve got a 1.8 GHz CPU, 1 G ram, and 500+G HDD space.

good luck.

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