I’ve done 2 weddings (by m


I’ve done 2 weddings (by myself), for free for friends or relatives that were not going to get a videographer anyways, so in other words, low expectations. While there are a few obvious professionals already giving you teriffic advice, I have just a few recommendations, from a fellow amateur:

1. The more cameras the better. I used 3, one of them set up inconspiculously behind the altar on a mini-tripod.

2. Pay extra attendtion during the rehersal and put down tape strips on the floor to mark where the wedding party should be standing. This way you know how tight you can zoom in and not risk missing the couple in an unmanned shot.

3. Wireless for sound (seems like you’ve got that already)

4. After the ceremony, take advantage of the picture time that typically follows and get some extra shots. For example, get a ring exchange close up, get a walk-by of the wedding party standing up. Basically, any shot that you probably couldn’t get during the ceremony without being very intrusive.

5. Reaction shots from relatives are great. Try to sneak up close to the right or the left to film the parents, or set up an unmanned camera that films the congregation. This is much easier with a handheld, though.

Those are the little things that I can think of at the moment.

Have fun!

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