I’ve contacted Panasonic and


I've contacted Panasonic and the fz1000 needs manually touch for taking a further video after 29 mins and 59 seconds.  If a camera takes a single video for longer 30 minutes or longer, it is classed as a camcorder and therefore there is a higher tax bracket to pay, so this is why bridge cameras restrict their recording to 29 mins and 59 secs.  I have been offered an 'old' camcorder that is SD and records on minidvds, and I could use these for the therapy sessions that are 30 minutes plus, opening the door for the FZ1000 if it is as good as every review seems to say.  Yes, it it is primarily a camera and camcorder second, but the ability to take 4k and high quality photos of the children at the same time is seemingly something that would let the vx870 or ax33 down.


I'm keen to future proof the video of my children growing up but the ax33 and vx870 both seemingly have serious downfalls as they are entry level 4k.  The vx870 needs some altering from the preset to correct the colours and there isn't a proper focus ring, but is considerably cheaper than the ax33.  Bearing in mind that I will have to purchase futher hard drives and higher rate SD cards for the footage, the price is significant for me.


I could save on both storage and camcorder by going for something that isn't 4k, but this seems like I'm 'treading water'.  I'm trying the fz1000 and the vx870 on Tuesday, so hoping that this will clear some of the muddiness in my brain!

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