I’ve commented about this


I’ve commented about this in other threads but I see not in this one. My two cents on Pinnacle (just so it’s recorded here in the event it helps someone) is that I used it for years, going back to 2004 or so. I had all kinds of trouble back in the day with earlier versions. I use version 12 still today, however, with nary a problem. I think back years ago my computer was underpowered and that might have accounted for some of the problems. Plus I had no clue what I was doing, what a codec was, etc.

Studio 12 Ultimate, which I use today, is quitea package for the price. Handles HD for like $150.00. Can’t beat that. And, it’s EASY to use. I have graduated up to Adobe Premiere Pro now, and I try to use that almost exclusively, but there are times when I pull out Studio 12 just to do a quick job here and there. It’s pretty neat and on up to date equipment, it gets the job done nicely (especially for the price).

FYI I once rendered an HD vacation video in Pinnacle (shot with my Sony camera in AVCHD) on a laptop that didn’t even meet the requirements for the software as set forth on the box. The machine hated me for it and let me know it repeatedly. In the end, however,the final product of the video turned out okay. I couldn’t preview it in Pinnacle but had to burn copies to preview. Then end result wasn’t too bad!

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