I’ve come across a new dil


I’ve come across a new dilemma, I’ve followed the advice you guys gave me. I’ve been using my other website to promote myself as a video service provider (https://www.bostonfilmstudent.com) and so far its attracted a few people. One whom requested I work on 4 PSA’s and I sent them a quote based on a 4 PSA contract. The quote came out to be at $7,800 and I’ve not since heard from them. And its been like two weeks.

The other, requested a quote for a one day shoot on anexercise video (supposedly a pilot for a series of videos?), the total $1,700. Haven’t heard from him either.

I now garner interest, but scare people away with the price. Which I don’t post on the website, I just show off what I offer. But its based on these numbers.

$500 per day

$300 per half day

$50 per hour (Post) – Based on 6 hour days (ie $300 per day)

Is there any way I can boost a clients interest, or find a multitude of clients who will pay? Coming from a student who doesn’t have the money for direct mail, or anything but using SEO optimization and some internet videos to promote myself.

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