i’ve bought all my stuff f


i’ve bought all my stuff from EEFX so far and have had nothing but great customer service, and prices to match.
their website is: http://www.eefx.com/eefx2/store/eefx_online_store.html

i would not try to paint fabric. it will come out terrible and you’ll be mad you wasted a can of paint you could have just kept in storage for a later date or sold.

eyelets you can stamp on yourself. go to a fabric store and buy the rings and the striking ring and you can hammer eyelets on ro your hearts content!!

i’ve built indoor frames out of PVC tube. cheap and easy to setup / breakdown. for outdoor use you could still probably use the PVC but i would fill the base tubes with sand to give it the weight needed to stand still outside. i do mostly indoors stuff with the puppets so it’s a bit easier for me to make a controlled environment with the chroma.

good luck!

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