I’ve been working with a r


I’ve been working with a really great Director Of Photography, who I’ve been learning a great deal from. He said that instead of simply turning down clients who demand lower prices, he tells them something like “okay, well if you can’t make the price of HD, I can offer you less hours of shooting on my Mini DV camcorder in order to fit your price range”. Essentially he seems prepared to fall back on services that aren’t quite his most pristine quality, but which get the client their true money’s worth instead of bending over backwards by not “breaking even”, as you’ve put it EarlC.

I guess likewise, hypothetically, if you go to a storage unit and you can’t quite afford a large room, you feel better about the company if they offer you a smaller alternative instead of leaving you without options. And say later in life, when you’re making the big bucks, guess what storage unit keeps you as a customer…

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