I’ve been using Vegas sinc


I’ve been using Vegas since I started non-linear editing. I’ve upgraded a couple of times, so I’m currently running Vegas Studio 6.0 and creating custom DVD’s with DVD Architect Studio 3.0 on both of my computers (desktop & laptop.) Last summer I produced a series of talk shows on locations around the city. I shot with 3 cameras recording continuously, added lower third graphics, created pure graphic segments, EFXed performance segments in & out and mixed the audio as if I had a separate mixer, fine tuning mic levels during the interviews and adding music. The resulting programs played back on the City’s government channel for a month at a time.

To get the “filmy” look you want will most likely require a plug-in, whatever video editing software you decide to use. But I’m thinking you are confused about what editing can do, because “removing the shakes and all….!” is the job of the camera operator. Any post EFX you use to steady out the shot will result in a loss of image quality. And most likely not be able to achieve the results people seem to expect. Remember the old adage, you can’t make a silk purse from a sow’s ear. And I’m curious about where you are hoping to distribute the video where 3 chip resolution is actually required. For cablecasting and DVD production, I relied upon one chip camcorders for years with no complaints. But I do make certain the scene well lit before shooting. Which brings me to my real point, the quality difference between a 3 chip camcorder in the less than $1000 range and a one chip camcorder in the over $500 range is arguable. But one thing is certain, that 3 chip camcorder will not have anywhere near the low-light capacity. On the other hand, in good lighting conditions the colors from the 3 chip camcorder cannot be equaled by any single chip model.

But as far as broadcast stations are concerned, an under $1000 three chip camcorder isn’t any better than a single chip model. But spending your money on a single chip camcorder will likely net you increased control over camera functions, especially the audio options. And if you can get a cheaper camera, you can buy some decent lighting and get better microphones. And twenty plus years of work with beginning producers has repeatedly shown, it doesn’t matter how good the cameras are if the scene is badly lit and you can’t understand the talent. Light & sound make high quality video even on consumer quality gear.

Hope this isn’t too late for you to consider. And be sure to post a link to your creation once you’re done with it.

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