I’ve been using the Z1U fo


I’ve been using the Z1U for about 6 months now and I love it. The image quality is great and the features make it very easy to use and customize for your own needs. I had been using a PD-150 for a long time before and found the Z1U a nice step up. It’s comfortable to use and they added a lot of extra features to the outside that make it more convenient. some of these are: Zebra/peaking switch, easier audio auto/manual selectors, external audio phantom on/off power switches, the hi/low selector switch for the handle zoom and a bunch of others.

some complaints i have seen are the touchiness of the focus. manual focus can be a little bit of a hassle so it’s best to leave on auto if you have to move around much. also the zoom ring is cool, but i never use it because it doesn’t feel as smooth as i thought it would. if you want to do a creep zoom, just set the low speed on the handle zoom for the speed you want and that’ll do just great. also, the placement of the DV connection is a little hard at times because i worry that the sharp angle of the cable coming down onto my desk when i capture might bend something in the port, but so far it’s been fine.

overall, i love the camera. the picture profiles are great ways to make your footage look a ton better than normal DV by making saturation and other adjustments easily accessable and you can set a bunch of presets to make sure you get just the right look!

i don’t have the equipment yet to edit in HDV so i’ve been shooting in HDV but editing in DV and the camera works great. there haven’t been any problems in capturing the footage (the camera automatically downsamples to DV in either letterbox or widescreen DV). everything looks superb.

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