I’ve been toying around wi


I’ve been toying around with this for awhile, Let’s see if either of you have any ideas: I actually DO voiceovers. I have been doing the for over 20 years before I started producing video as well. I’ve done real estate videos, and you’re correct about the pricing range. I think most pro VOs would expect the same rate. But What If – knowing how “frugal” agents are, and how most home walk thrus are pretty quick – would a range of 10 to 15 percent of the video price be workable for producers to get a quick pro VO? I’m just wondering since I’ve seen some Real Estate pieces shot with poor audio. If some of you had a go to person, would that be worth it?

I was in radio for a few decades. But I’m not marketing the VO as much as I once did. Anyway, if you’d like to hear samples, it should be at ronharper dot com

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