I’ve been reading though m


I’ve been reading though many of the forums here and have found a ton of helpful information from many of the members and from EarlC (thanks!), but here’s my situation that I haven’t found an exact answer for or product to look at.

I’m going to be shooting a buddy’s wedding and I’m planning on using a Tascam DR-40 handheld recorder on stage with the mics set in A/B configuration for some ambient recording of musicians and then plugging another mic into the XLR on the other channel for additional sound near the pastor and couple. I also want to put a handheld recorder in the groom’s coat pocket with a wired lavaliere.

EarlC posted that he had used this method (wired mic with handheld recorder) and I’m just not sure what compact recorder I should look at (Tascam DR-05?) and more importantly what lavaliere will work with whatever recorder is recommended. Is this the lavaliere you keep mentioning @EarlC?


Also, any suggestions for the additional mic on stage going into the Tascam DR-40 would be greatly appreciated. And on that note anyone have any experience with the Tascam DR-40…seems like a great little recorder with lots of functionality and it’s priced wonderfully on BH at the moment.

And lastly, how does this setup sound? Do you think it’d work well for capturing good audio? I will be using thePlural Eyes softwareto sync that @jackwolcott mentioned above.

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