I’ve been looking for a way


I've been looking for a way to do this also. I produce training videos with audio commentary. In order to tighten up the commentary, I go through the entire video and highlight & delete all the bits where there is no, or very low, audio (with auto ripple selected). But it takes ages, because I'm also taking out the small 1/2-second pauses and hesitations while I'm thinking about what to say. A 10-minute training video can take me several hours to edit manually. It would save me hours if I could start by deleting all sections in the timeline where there is audio below a certain db threshold, longer than 1/2 second, say. Then I can go through and check the timing (and pauses) manually and simply tweak them.


Sony Vegas Timeline


As you can see, it's integral to the process that I remove the video corresponding to the silent audio sections as well. It's really no good just working on the audio, because it's already synchronized to the video. And the whole point is to find a quick way to edit out all the silent bits. Doing it manually takes me about an hour for every 10 minutes of video because I'm working on sections that are as little as 1/2 second long at a time.


How can one do that in Sony Vegas?

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