I’ve been looking at the E


I’ve been looking at the EX1 too. The things that I really like about it is the 1/2 inch CMOS sensors vs H1’s 1/3inch CCDs. I’ve read that the EX1’s sensors are native 1920×1080. I believe since the H1 is HDV, it’s 1440×1080 and then is converted (im not exactly sure how) to cover the 1920×1080. Larger sensors of the EX1 also make the camera more sensitive to light, which makes it perform better in low light situations. They also allow for shallower depth of focus. HDV is also highly compressed, I believe more compressed then XDCam. Also, who wants to record to tape anymore? Right?

I have nothing against the H1. I’m sure it’s very good. I personally would go with the EX1 though. You should also think about your other needs as well. I like documentaries, and I feel the EX1 would suit my needs more than the H1. I think the H1 is too big and I don’t need interchangeable lenses. So there’s some stuff to think about. Hopefully it was helpful

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