I’ve been in-and-out of th


I’ve been in-and-out of this business for 20 years, just can’t stay away which is probably suggestion #1… if you like it, DON’T QUIT! Donald Trump was once bankrupt, Bill Gates worked out of his basement and Ted Turner was once fired. Success stories all have one thing in common – they kept at it!

#2 Be realistic, putting together a box office blockbuster rightnow isa pipe dream… putting together a how-to for YouTube isa decent weekend project… ya gotta start somewhere…

#3 Find a niche, and run with it! I actually put together avery lucrative podcasting businessby producing Little League baseball games. My broadcast career focused on the sports programs of local high schools… it’sfunny, this world wide Internet has allowed me to concentrate on small niche interest groups that don’t get covered by mainstream media. I’m actually coming back to video editing right now because my next “Niche Product” in my sports podcasting biz is a pay-for-coverage (sponsored) sports cast/featured story.

It all depends on what you want to do.. I have one friend who video tapes for the local speedway on weekends – doesn’t sound like much but he shoots from 7p-11p on Sat nite, then edits amaster DVDon Sunday while watching TV… then sells 40 copies (regular subsribers)@ $20 per… EVERY WEEK!!!

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