I’ve been editing for a


I've been editing for a living for about 25 years and have owned my own shop for about 15.  We do a mix of local, regional and national work.  It's everything from local car spots to spots that you've seen on ABC, NBC, etc.  All that to say, I'm old, crotchety and sorta know what I'm talking about. πŸ™‚

More and more, being an editor means that you cut picture, design logos, create motion graphics, mix audio, color correct, create type layouts, read minds, predict the future and contol the tides.  Making that jump to full time pro work is a HUGE investment in time.  Editing isn't 9-5.  Especially in your early years, expect to put in about 80 hours a week to edit, meet with potential clients, handle billing, backup files, etc.  It's a tough grind.  Also be thinking about what level you want to play at.  If you want to do high-end work, recognize that there are some sofware packages out there like Flame and Maya that take 12+ months to learn and really know inside and out and even then, you are always still learning. It's a competetive business and while budgets keep getting smaller, demands keep increasing.  Be sure that you can handle the rejection of working on a project for several weeks for 15 hours a day and the client saying they hate it and you need to start again. 


Hear me, I'm not trying to discourage you but want you to enter in with eyes wide open.  It's a great field that has treated me well but there are easier ways to make a buck and to serve the kingdom.  πŸ™‚


As for rates, that all depends on your market and skill level.  We charge $225/hr for FCP/AE and $450/hr for Flame/Smoke.  


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