I’ve been a serious Sony V


I’ve been a serious Sony Vegas fan and user from version 6 through Vegas Pro-8c; Last week I began experiencing problems where the render would shut down during a normal render, and I was wondering if any other users were experiencing the same issue. I am running Vegas on a dell XPS710 with Windows XP Media edition. The Sony folks suggested I reinstall my copy of Pro8c, and during the install it required me to get a new authentication code from Sony. After attempting to re-install, the program will not reinstall because of Netframework 3.0 issues. I reinstalled windows, I found an automated patch, but one week later, and I am not able to install my software or get appropriate help with same. Is anyone else experiencing the same thing??? I paid retail for all of my copies and my upgrades, but nothing is working. HELPPPPPPPPPP

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