I’ve been a PC user for ..


I’ve been a PC user for … ever. I’ve been using Vegas Movie Studio Plat. for a while now. I even bought Cinescore. I really like Vegas and it has never failed me. Recently I’ve been asked to do some professional work and the firm that I now work with is politely requesting that I make the switch to FCP and, of course, Mac. I have been terribly torn. While I love the Vegas software, my more experienced video buddies have poo-pooed me for not switching to Mac and FCP. I finally closed my eyes, hit the throttle and pulled the trigger on a Mac book pro and FCP. It was painful financially, but after hearing you guys talk about not regretting making the switch, I’m hoping I made the right decision. At the end of the day, I have to ask myself, “Am I in this or not – do I go half way or do I go for it and step up to the next level. I’ve gone Mac because of VISTAs slack.

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