I’ve authored hundreds of


I've authored hundreds of DVDs using Vegas and DVDA over the years and have learned a few things to maximize quality. Let me know if you have any questions about anything I say here.

If my program is under 70 min. long, I always use a custom CBR setting of 8,000,000.
Anything longer and I do a 2-pass encode using a custom VBR setting with the values I get from the bitrate calculator found at http://www.johncline.com/bitcalc110.zip
I make a few changes to the default settings by clicking the Settings button (lower left) on the main screen.
Click 1 Kilobit = 1000 bits.
Set the Default Audio Encoding to 192 Kb/s (this is the default for AC-3 audio encodes).
Change the Safety Margin from 1% to 5% (I like to give myself a bit of extra room).

I always use the best blank media I can buy. My preference is Taiyo-Yuden (now JVC) Watershield which I can only find online. If I'm stuck, I'll use Verbatim but that's it for recommended brands.



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