I’ve always opened the vid


I’ve always opened the videos very dramatically, usually building up from slomo ecu’s of each kid (or freeze frames) and then jumping to some good fast rock music and some of the best highlights of the year – fancy goals, hard hits, etc. 4 sec clips at the most, about 25 of them. This gets the video off on the right foot and gets the audience excited right off the bat. The opening segment is usually about 2 min, and I think it’s the most important. If they don’t like the first few minutes, they won’t care to see the rest of it.

That being said… I really feel the need to get out of my paradigm, so I’ll give anything a chance. Showing the celebrations first might be it.

As for adding other production elements – I do the videos for… f r e e (shhh, don’t tell anyone) so purchasing effects would have to be a must before I shell out the cash. I am thinking about adding some clips from the Slapshot movie, though, either just audio or maybe some actual video.

I’ve always stayed away from trying to be too flashy. I saw one hockey video where the guy used a different transition effect every time – about 30 different ones probably – way too over the top. It looked like a kid made it. I just downloaded Sony Vegas, and I like some of their effects, so I may use that. I currently use Pinnacle Studio – mostly because it was cheap when I started 8 years ago and is easy use. Is there a better tool I should look into that won’t cost me a fortune?

Any other ideas?

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