I’ve actually thought abou


I’ve actually thought about an additional charge for long weddings, but the truth is that way up here, there are a lot more Catholics than Protestants/Others (which took me by shock, having been used to a mostly Protestant city in my upbringing), and nobody else charges extra, so I’d be setting myself up to potentially lose clients.

I DO usually charge extra if the wedding extends beyond our agreed upon times up front. For example, we quoted one couple to be at their location until 9PM. When we got there, we were asked if we would stay until all the festivities ended, which we agreed to do if they paid for the time past 9. We were there until almost midnight, and we racked up a couple hundred in overtime fees. I don’t have a problm with that, because it’s fair to everyone. Even folks with short weddings can party late. But just adding an extra charge because the wedding is Catholic wouldn’t fly too far up here.

Besides, I’ve seen a few fairly (tolerably) short Catholic weddings. I’d hate to charge them a manditory OT fee.

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