Iuse Sony Premiumtapes (th


Iuse Sony Premiumtapes (the cheapest Sony tapes) myself becausethat’s what theguywho owned my vx2000 beforemeused and I’ve never had a problem with them. I can get them on Amazon.com for 11.70 a 5 pack and if I buy 3 packs at a time I get free shipping. I haven’t been able to beat that price with any other brand of tape or other website.

If your GL2isused, you might wantto askthe original owner what kind oftapetheyused and stick with atleastthesame brand.

Ialsohave beentold that tape issues from awhile back don’t happenso muchany more because tapemanufacturer’shave donea better job makingtheirtapesand camerasarebuilt more robustly now.I wastoldthis byaprofessional videographer whenI was workingwith him on agig and askedifIcoulduse my Sonytapesinsteadof his Panasonictapes…sohe mighthave justmade it upto getmetouse histapes. πŸ˜›

Inanycase, Panasonic, Sony,and Canonhaveprettygoodtapes.Ihear thatsome brandslike TDKhave a lotof drop-outs, but I’veneverusedthemsoIcan’tsay for certain.

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