It’s the release forms that


It's the release forms that concerned me. Thousands of students =  huge numbers of forms, each to be collated, and recorded, then filed for finding later. When I was in education we recorded off-air TV programmes, when it came to computerisation of the card indexes, it became a full time role for one technician. How long does it take to process the releases? Probably longer than the time spent recording!

Looking at my own educsation background – no way could we have coped with this, the department was stretched already. In my management role over 10 weeks over nov-jan, I collected so much signed paperwork for all manner of things. I piut the lot in a huge box, and at the end taped it shut and sent iot to stores. If there is ever a query, then somebody else will have to sort through them. I had no time in my schedule to organise this. In a busy uni where people don't even know names, it's crazy. Adding in a blanket aproval to their initial signing up process seems mega simple – leaving you with a much smaller list of 'nos' – and you could easily add a small red dot to their ID badges signifiying somebody who mustn't be included in photos or video. Easy to manage too.

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