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It's something which has to be negotiated. If they are a union crew the union contract will specify overnight accomodations. On truck and bus tours I've slept in fairly nice hotels and in dumps that make the Bates Motel look grand. On the other hand I've been put up in some fairly fancy digs too. National Geographic crews may wind up sleeping in tents on the ice in Alaska, native huts in the Amazon. Just depends on who you're working for and where the location is.

The main thing is to keep your crew happy. If that means renting small mobile homes or campers it's worth the cost. Creature comforts are very important to a crew working under adverse conditions far from home. That means good food and comfortable sleeping quarters that offer a modicum of privacy. You can rent a Winnebago that sleeps 6 for about $135 per night, four-bed campers for as little as $55 per night. Not fancy, but comfortable, with beds and cooking facilities. Keeping the size of your road crew to a minimum will help cut costs.

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