It’s really hard to say what


It's really hard to say what video editing software is the "best", but I can tell you for sure that Powerdirector is NOT one of them. I bought Powerdirector as my first video editing sofware, and it was the worst purchase ever. It's extremely unstable, unreliable, and extremely slow. It has a few good features, and their nice, if they work… I ended up going with Adobe Creative Suite, which was a much better purchase. It's 580$ a year, as you can only get it with monthy/Yearly payments. With the Adobe Creative Sweet subscription, you get Adobe Premire Pro (a very good video editing software), Adobe After Effects (a compositing and motion graphics software), and many many more, such as Adobe Audition (professional audio editing software). There are well over 15+ apps in the Adobe Creative Cloud membership. That is what I would highly recommend. It is extremely reliable, used in many diferent video projects, and is a video editing standard, in my opinion.


Another program you may want to look into is Advid Media Composer. Advid has been used in many big movies, such as the Hobbit trilogy, just to name one. 


Final Cut Pro is also a popular editing program, but is only compatible with Mac.


I have never used Advid, but I have looking into it, but for my needs and price point, I chose Adobe. They are both capable of doing most of the same things, just in diferent ways. Hope this helps πŸ™‚  

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