It’s pretty tough to get a


It’s pretty tough to get a whole live event from one camera. I would highly suggest renting, or buying (an inexpensive) camcorder as a backup to give you some latitude for moving the camera a bit.

That being said, if there’s no way to get a second camera, then the last thing you want to do is to put it right at the end of that runway. If you were to do this, when the model is walking out, they’ll be a very flat, boring figure, and when they walk away, you’ll see nothing but their backside, a remarkably unflattering camera angle.

If you can only get your hands on one camera (c’mon, someone you know has to have a camera you can borrow for one night!), then I would personally place the camera at around a 45 degree angle from the end of the runway (so if I were standing on the end of the runway, the camera would be, for example, 6 feet to my left and 6 feet in front of me). This would let you get a little bit more of a 3D, interesting image, while still allowing you to capture the full fronts, backs, and sides of the outfits.

Again, if you can, get a second (or even third!) camera if you can, but if you’re limited to one, well, there you go.

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