It’s not only the footage


It’s not only the footage that counts.

1) Find a good royalty free piece of music to back it up – A couple of good sources that I use are Digital Juice Stack Traxx ( and Smartsound Sonic Fire Pro ( There are others but these are very cost effective and sound great.

2) While on the subject of audio, make sure you have someone with a good speaking voice (both tone and emotion) do your voiceover (think Don La Fontaine, may he RIP).

3) Also while on the subject, sound effects can bring some life to your production as well, often in conjunction with visual elements.

4) Visual elements like animated transitions can work well if used in moderation. I like Digital Juice’s Swipes but they are no longer in production – You can still find some in their Themekits ( and Toolkits (

5) Good titles help – Make sure they are readable however. Look at nicer decorative fonts or titling programs like Bluff Titler ( or Digital Juice Fonts (

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