Its not just in vide


 Its not just in video, its in every walk of life. Not only is there a sucker born every minute but ten of those looking to take advantage of each of those suckers.

It may seem easy to get caught up in the trap of doing “Pro Bono” work to build a portfolio and get some references that will sing your praises but more like giving into the easy way that never seems to work out. Once you start working for someone for free or even at the “Best Buddy” cut rate, they won’t ever be able to understand the full rate or your real worth.

It may seem like a longer road but don’t cut yourself short. If you take care of yourself first you can take care of a family and then any charity you wish but if you let the charity work run the show you’ll never get anywhere.

There are some cases where it wouldn’t hurt to help someone out but IMHO you don’t ever want it to lead to “Go talk to this guy, he’s cheap”.


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