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Its funny that daryldrj mentioned those two cameras, I have both of them and am very pleased with both. Niether have the XLR audio inputs but I have adapted a couple of shotgun mic’s and I also have a small mixer the I can utilize depending on what I am doing.

I have not tried either camera under extreme low light conditions yet. Most of what I shoot is under controled lighting or outdoors. Both are CMOS sensors with the FX7 being a 3 chip and the HD 1000 being a single chip.

Pansonic has a couple of cameras that are in the price range that are supposed to be pretty good but I have only read reviews.

I would say it it all about researching the cameras in the price range and knowing the type of video’s that you are trying to produce. There are usually plenty of on line reviews as well as people posting sample shoots with the cameras. You can usually search UTUBE by camera and find some samples.

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