It’s funny – I got a video


It’s funny – I got a video camera back in 1981 when my oldest was 2 (I think that’s when – I’m old now and the grey matter is more a mottled mass of jelly), I taped lots of stuff – vacations, school plays, stuff like that. I now going back over my old tapes and capturing them – I figure I’ll have the time to put together some nice stuff after I retire (about 15 years from now).

My biggest regret is that on many of the tapes, I was concerned with getting where we were on tape – I figured that we’d want to see the vacation spot most – As it turns out, I regret not spending more time filming the kids instead of the activities. Don’t get me wrong – I still ahve footage of them – just not as much as I’d like.

As a word of advice to all you young parents – forget the parade down Main Street (you can buy that DVD for $20 in the souvenir shop) – Focus on your kids and their reactions to things.

Just MHO.

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