It’s an old debate, but on


It’s an old debate, but one that I still feel stuck with.

I’m looking to buy a new desktop or laptop for video editing. I graduated a few years ago from a video production program. And I’ve been doing freelance camera work. I’m pretty familiar with Premire and I’ve used some Avid. So I’m not a newcomer to video production.

What I need now is a system where I can edit my own projects, video and animation, and burn them onto DVD. And I have a budget of about $1,500. I’ve seen plenty of PC based systems with video input cards. But should I avoid the PC in favor of a Mac? Or does it really matter that much today? It looks like I can get more “bang for the buck” with a PC. But I don’t want to regret the decision a year from now.

Any advice is appreciated.

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