It’s all in how it’s prese

AvatarGrinner Hester

It’s all in how it’s presented. You hit the nail on the head when you said these services are status items. This is why you see so many companies now having great succuss, not offering wedding videos, but wedding highlight music videos. They shoot far less than a wedding videographer, edit MUCH less and charge 3 times as much. Why? So the mother of the bride can tell her friends what she paid for it, of course. I call this Neimen Marcus Syndrome. Purchasing something to out-do one’s neighbor. lol
Hey, so be it. I’m not fool enough to think that’s not what I do for big companies. I mean, they could send out a mass email to communicate. They have an annual budget they must go through in order to be approved for the same or more next year. I help em do that.
To your last question. When someone calls and asks a price, you tell em and they freak… you can either rationalize it, haggle with em, or keep your book open for folks who appriciate your services enough to pay what you charge. Never hesitate to boast this price. You’ll find some gravitate to ya BECAUSE of what ya charge.

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