It’s a shame you didn’t as


It’s a shame you didn’t ask this a few days ago. Adobe Premiere Premium was only $850 up until yesterday (it’s usually $1700). You would have had everything you’d need for quite some time.

FCP used to be very capable, up through FCP7. Now that they have released FCP X, it’s more for consumers/prosumers, in my opinion. However, it might be enough for you since you work by yourself. Basically, FCP X doesn’t play nice with other programs (no XML, OMF, etc. exporting), it doesn’t allow for monitoring via external monitor, media management is different (and seems clunky in my opinion), it doesn’t handle codecs natively, and there’s a whole bunch of other problems that make pros hate it. But you said yourself you will only be editing occasionally, and it sounds like you’ll be working by yourself. So it might be fine for you. I can’t say much more than that. I’ve only read about it. I haven’t bothered to buy it.

Adobe has come a long way and is very capable these days. Apparently it works flawlessly with the other Adobe programs, too. It works will with all codecs natively, which is a big plus. And depending on the computer model you own, you may be able to take advantage of the GPU acceleration and 64-bit processing. I just got the Premiere Premium bundle the other day and am looking forward to digging in.

You sound like you’re on a Mac, so I don’t think you’ll be able to use Sony Vegas. I don’t think they make it for Mac…

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