It’s a shame that you’ve quit


It’s a shame that you’ve quit your day job. It would have been useful while you undertook market research to see if anyone needed “video editing services.” I’m afraid that you’ll discover there surprisingly little call for this.

In the past year, our company has had less than a half dozen jobs that were only editing. One consisted of editing raw footage shot at a wedding by the bride’s father; one consisted of editing three hours of video footage and more than 5,000 still pictures from an African safari, while a third used seven hours of film, transferred to digital tape, to create a four hour family history. with voice-over narration.

Except for commercial/business projects, which typically include shooting as well as editing, there doesn’t appear to be much call for editing. People shoot with their iPhone and post the material to Facebook and YouTube. Rocky M’s suggestion to shop your services to businesses is o.k., but plan on spending lots of time generating perhaps surprisingly few responses. Many businesses that can afford video for their web sites have done it already, and increasingly businesses are using cell phone video to produce promotional material in-house.

As far as your web site is concerned, it does virtually nothing to demonstrate your talents as an editor. Flashing lots of words on the screen tells us nothing, and the repetitive “music” bed is far more annoying than evocative. Moreover, the site doesn’t really have a call to action, and does little to promote the idea that video has place in marketing.

People come to a web site because they’re looking for something: “Where do I go to get my VHS tapes transferred to DVD.” Where do I go to have someone combine the video from my several friend’s iPhone into a single DVD that tells the story of my wedding:” etc.Your web site should tell exactly what services you offer, and perhaps show some of the work you can do.

Good luck with your venture.

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