It’s a bit like a good chef v


It's a bit like a good chef v me. I can take the individual items and follow a recipe. I can prepare all the individual components, but a chef can balance all the ingredients and make it nicer. Same with editing. Where you made the cut, and where you go into the next shot, can make the difference between a working edit and a great one. Like so many process based technlogy projects – the nuts and bolts are the beginning.


In your case, look at how the volume of the music and sound effects ebb and flow, and how you possibly subtley changed a shot length by streching by a few frames before the cut, or how an edit was delayed slightly to meet a beat in the music. How good were you at telling the story, and perhaps putting a spin on things by altering the emphasis. Does yours look and sound as good as the things you see on TV? If it does, you're done. 


Editing is an art, that needs a skill to make it happen.

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