“Ithink that the higher nu


“Ithink that the higher number (daylight) is what i should use to
simulate daylight. I also found CF Bulbs that are in the form of a spot
light instead of the curly-Q shape. Am I heade in the right direction?”


CF bulbs are for lighting the greatest thing since sliced bread. Now where folks get bent about using high-priced Pro Bulbs vs off-the shelf ones is that the pro’s are fully calibrated for video work and the ‘S-mart’ specials aren’t. Now long as you know this you can work around it. When using off the shelf bulbs (which I’ve been doing more and more lately), you just have to make sure you have a bit more light and do a proper white balance based on your bulb’s color temp. Just a couple of small steps that will make the diff between you getting the look you want in the field or wasting extra time and money doing it in post.

As for whether to use ‘daylight’ or ‘indoor’ bulbs, it comes down to are you trying to simulate/match daylight or indoor lighting? Just remember that the daylight version of CF bulbs is 6500k (not 5200k which is considered the standard for daylight.) Daylight CF bulbs will give you a harsher ‘bluer’ light than traditional daylight bulbs. However, with some minor adjustments to exposure and a good white balance, they work just fine. Don’t mix daylight and indoor CF bulbs (or any other for that matter) as you will suffer the ‘tortures of the damned’ trying to get a consistent WB. Let alone the fun you’ll have with the footage in post!

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