It would seem to be OK, if


It would seem to be OK, if facial asymmetry, which we all have to some extent, doesn't give the show away. With mild facial asymmetry, and no great dwelling on detail in close-up, you might well get away with it. However, extreme facial asymmetry and especially the change of direction in lighting if the scene is prominently lit from one side, would render the practice undesirable. Most of my 'talent', is animals filmed in their natural habitat(s) and I have quite often resorted to flipping, and zooming in on part of a 1920 x 1080 frame. On those occasions, anything would seem 'kosher' if not carried to extremes. I prefer to do it that way, because I am no fan of 'Digital Zoom'. In fact, disabling it, is the first thing I do on trying out a new camcorder.


Ian Smith

Dunedin – New Zealand

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