It would really boil down


It would really boil down to how many stills you have to work with. Obviously the more the better, so ask the client for any and all supporting material they can come up with. Can any stills of the company be shot now- like the building, people at work, product line, etc.? Photos of brochures are good when layed out in an artistic manner. Spice up backgrounds with Digital Juice motions or whatever you use. Pan and Zoom will be a key in producing the effects you want. Pick a music background that not only goes well with the presentation, but has a beat to uplift the motions applied. Mix up the method of applying motions. If narration is going over the top, script to projected length and get the narration layed down first. Personally, I would start at $1,500 due to the fact that a lot of time would be involved in just trying to piece this puzzle together without a picture of what it looks like. This will call upon all artistic talent available. Good luck!

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