It would be interesting to


It would be interesting to know what kind of film you are planning on making. I am from East Africa (Kenya) but I do mostly nature filming. I use a Canon XH-A1 and really like it for the purpose. Beings you are on a tight budget you will most likely walk and travel public most of the time. A backpack to keep your camera and gear in will be priceless. I also keep a UV filter on my camera while filming outdoors because it gets so dusty here. Have you checked craigslist or ebay for gear? I bought my camera from a wedding videographer who wanted to dump his gear for $1000 I found on craigslist. You have to check everyday for weeks sometimes to find deals but they are worth it. An XA10 will work out great for you tho considering the size. Stay away from shoulder mount cams (unless you want a really good camera and have a big budget) because of the pain of transporting your gear.

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