It will be hard to sell th


It will be hard to sell the non-profit projects as an "investment." I’d suggest going to your local visual arts association to pitch the projects and get their advice on how to locate grant funds. They would be a 501C not-for-profit organization that obtained the grant money. Then, they would turn around and "contract" with you to provide the service. This way, you’d get the money to perform the jobs but you’d have to play by whatever standard rules they have.

Regarding the "for-profit" endeavors, you’ll need to create business plans for each project that outline the project, your costs, your projected revenues and what type of deal you plan to offer the investor(s). An investor will want to know how much money they need to invest and how much equity they get in your company/project or what your exit strategy is. The bottom line is that if you can show someone on paper how you can turn their money into a profit for them, you’ll get the money. Just be careful who you choose for partners and be sure to dot your i’s and cross your t’s. Investors typically don’t have a lot of time so you’ll want your presentation to be flawless. Otherwise, they will write you off and move on to the next prospective investment.

Good Luck!

Kris Simmons

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