It was an expectation for


It was an expectation for professional work, client’s would be charged for travel expenses be they mileage, flights, food and lodging or any equipment shipping costs. Now there’s this (annoying) trend where clients want to charge flat rates for work. These flat rates often do not cover travel expenses. That may not be a bad thing if you live in the immediate area of the job and incur negligible travel expenses.

Here’s how I’ve seen it break down in the last few years; if you are the primary contractor (i.e. Producer) you can project expected travel fees in your proposal/contract. If you’re hiring on, like say off a job website that won’t be the case. Most likely in that situation, you’ll get only what they offer. Now, on the other hand there is no reason if you incur additional expenses not to ask to be compensated for them. Just be advised more than likely you won’t get any extra.

This is especially true when you crew up for paid positions like PA or technical assistant types. These days, productions are trying to keep budgets cut and dry. So for lower-end jobs or low-budget gigs, your options for travel pay and the like are limited if not non-existent.

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