It was about 100 degrees o


It was about 100 degrees outside and I was shooting a scene that had to look like it was in a place with no water or anybody around. So I found a perfect spot filled with sand, tumbleweed, and dead/burnt trees. But there was a slight problem, it was about 2 miles and I would have to cross 2 busy highways to get there. And remember, I am young so I don’t have a car which means I have to do this on foot. So me and my friend are packing my camera and getting ready to go. About 40 car wrecks later we are at the place. We drank all the water we had on the way there, it is burning hot, and we are exhausted. Then we turn on the camera, my friend gets ready to start acting, and I hit the record button. But then I notice something flashing on my screen. So I am looking at it I am too hot and tired to focus on the screen or anything else. So I told my friend to go find some shade so we can rest a bit. So we’re laying in a ditch (only shade we could find) and we’re talking about the video. Then I take out my camera to make sure the battery isn’t ready to explode. I turn it on and I see the thing on my screen again. But now I am fully awake so I can whats flashing. The moment I saw it I was thinking in my head why the mighty gods of film making would do this to me. The message on my screen read, “NO TAPE”. I then called my mom and forced her to come pick us up πŸ™‚

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