It sux you can’t find the


It sux you can’t find the tools you need when you need em….

I know that line that you speak of…it’s common with analog footage.

Perhaps, you could just create a black matte, or a black still image that is about 5-7 pixels wide and lay it over the affected area. (this would simulate the trim option that you speak of.)

or…you should also just be able to position the video so that this line is out of frame.

The obvious downfall of doing it like this or using a trim or crop feature is that you’ll have 5-7 pixels of black at the very bottom or the very top, but I think it’s better thanstretching or zooming the video and loosingmore quality then you’d have to.

If you ever upgrade, keep an eye out for a feature where you could trim a clip and then select mirror edges or repeat pixel edge…IMO, this is the most practical way to both eliminate the affected area and maintain original quality and limiting the blackout areas

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