It sounds like you’ve already


It sounds like you've already figured out the way to do it is by zooming.  The shutter speed won't help much, other than to adjust the exposure to compensate for opening the aperture (which you did by lowering the f-stop) but going too high with shutter speed will end up with jumpy video.  Also, you need some good distance between your subject and the background.  For bokeh, you need a shallow depth of field.  The only things affecting the depth of field are: aperture (the f-stop), focal length (control this on your cam by zooming), and the distance to the subject. 


I can see from this video that the G30 is perfectly capable of having some nice bokeh when zoomed in.


Of course, I agree with mcrockett that the best looking shots in your budget will come from a DSLR.  You can add lenses with low f-stop capability and get some great bokeh even in a small room.  With any of my DSLR's I can get bokeh with the camera 2 feet from the subject and with the background 2 feet behind the subject. 


If you have enough space, put the camera far away, record audio on a separate device, and use the zoom.  If you are in a tight space, it's not a perfect solution but make sure the subject is well-lit, the background is dimmer-lit than the subject, and there's plenty of backlight (hair light, etc) on the subject to isolate it/him/her from the background.  In post you can also add fake bokeh using blur, keying, rotoscoping, etc.


Lowell Niles

Creative Director, Sunword Studios

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