It sounds like you’re kind


It sounds like you’re kind of new to the video editing scene. If I was you and I had 1800 dollars to work with first I would go to and build an xps system. Dell has some great deals going on right now. Focus on a good graphics card and lots of ram and spend what’s left over on the cpu and hard drives. Then I would go to adobe and get there Premiere Elements bundled with Photoshop Elements. They’re both great programs and should serve you well until you can upgrade to a more “professional” editing suite. The CS4 production studio is $1500 by itself which is almost your entire budget. I’ve been editing with an xps m1710 laptop for over 2 years now and it’s still running strong.

or you could go with an imac and Final Cut Pro Express.

In my opinion you can’t go wrong either way. I prefer the pc option though because there’s more room for future upgrades than in the imac.

And if you are new to editing, either way I would pick up a subscription to It’s an invaluable resource.

Hope this helps.

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