It sounds like your problem


It sounds like your problem with speeding up is related to frame rate or refresh rate. Many games use high rates. If your rendering program is using a different rate it may result in the speeding. It seems the speeding is cumulative. Maybe not noticeable early in the video, but grows with time. Send a note to your editing software company tech support and they will probably give you the solution. Make sure you get all the specs on the original clips you capture. Sometimes just a right click Properties will give you information, or else load into your editing program then right click the clip and see if that helps. Doing this might even help you solve the problem yourself. The frame rates and all other factors going into the editing program will work best if they match the going out rendering. You may have to double render. Once at the same frame rate and resolution, etc, then downgrade a second render for upload. On youtube for my videos I have found wmv 720p is best combination of HD quality and file size to upload. I shoot in HD or 4K, then render. A good software editing program should maintain speed even if different frame rates or resolution is selected. I’m not familiar with Hitfilm at all. You might try free trial versions of other software, or free software like MovieMaker to see if there’s any change. The other item I notice, after just checking out Hitfilm, is they have many add-ons for extra charge unless you buy their Pro version, which comes with all of them. One of the add-ons is for mpg2 or AVCHD; common HD file types. If you’re trying to work with any of these files you may have problems with Hitfilm until you upgrade. From the looks of it, Hitfilm free version is just a come-on and you must buy add-on packs to make it work properly. Just a guess.

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